iPhone 4/4s Battery Replacement

Batterly Replacement Guide


Use the following picture guide to easily change the battery on your iPhone 4 and 4s. You should make a backup of your iPhone before changing the display and then turn it off.

Step 1: Remove pentalobe screws

iPhone 4s Schrauben löse

Turn off your iPhone before you start the repair!

Remove these two screws from the bottom of the device.

Step 2: Remove backcover

Push the back cover up towards the standby button to remove it from the frame.

Step 3: Remove screws

Remove this screw (iPhone 4) or these two screws (iPhone 4s) respectively from the battery connector.

Step 4: Detach connector

Remove the connector from the logic board using the plastic spatula. Be careful not to lose the small metal piece underneath it.

Step 5: Remove battery

Remove the battery from the device. Use the plastic strap on the left side of the battery or carefully pry it out of the frame using the green plastic spatula from the tool kit.

Be careful not to puncture or otherwise damage the battery to prevent hazardous substances from leaking out!

Step 6: Insert new battery

Place two strips of double-sided adhesive tape from the tool kit in the frame to hold the new battery in place and install it into the device.

Step 7: Attach connector

Attach the battery connector to the logic board. Remember to watch out for the small metal piece and place it back underneath the connector.

Step 8: Attach backcover

Secure the connector with one screw (iPhone 4) or two screws (iPhone 4s), respectively.

Step 9: Attach backcover

Reinstall the back cover. Push it into the frame, then down towards the dock connector.

Step 10: Fasten Pentalobe screws

iPhone 4s Schrauben löse

Secure it with two screws on the bottom of the device.

That’s it! Your iPhone now has a fresh battery!

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