iPhone 4 Screen Replacement

Screen Replacement Guide


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Use the following picture guide to easily change the display on your iPhone 4. You should make a backup of your iPhone before changing the display and then turn it off.

Step 1: Loosen Pentalobe screws

Turn off your iPhone before you start the repair!

First, remove your SIM card and tray. Then, remove these two pentalobe screws on the bottom of the device. If your iPhone 4 is one of the first ones sold, these may be philips head screws instead. Make sure to check before you try removing them with the wrong screwdriver.

Step 2: Open backcover

Push the back cover up until you can remove it from the frame.

Step 3: Loosen screws and connector

Remove this screw and the connector using the plastic spatula. Be careful not to lose the small metal piece underneath it. Remove the battery from the device. Use the plastic strap or carefully pry it out of the frame using the plastic spatula.

Step 4: Remove cover

Remove these two screws and the metal cover they hold. Detach the big connector using with the spatula and carefully bend it to the side a little, so that it will not be in your way later on.

Step 5: Detach speaker

Remove this cable from the logic board. Be very careful not to damage this small blue chip. Remove these two screws and take out the speaker module.

Step 6: Detach metal cover

Remove all of these screws and the vibration motor on the top right. Remove the black metal cover. Take care not to lose this small metal piece, as it is responsible for your WiFi reception.

Step 7: Detach cable

Remove these connectors from the logic board. Carefully pry them off with the plastic spatula and bend them to the side a little. Next, remove this screw. Once all screws are gone remove the logic board. Grab it by the bottom end and carefully pull it up and back.

Step 8: Loosen screws

Remove these four screws holding the display in place.

Step 9: Remove display

Next, remove these six screws from the longer sides of the frame. Do not undo them completely, you only need to loosen them a little. Remove the old display from the frame. Push down into one of the corners with the pointy end of the spatula. If necessary, insert the metal plectrum between display and frame to help loosen it.

Step 10: Remove residues

Remove the speaker grille, the plastic cover from the front camera and any residual adhesive from the areas around the home button.

Step 11: Change display

Remove the red protective film from the back of the replacement display. Carefully feed the two cables through the slit in the casing.

Warning: Be very careful not to bend the cables! See above for correct procedure!

Keep checking from the side to make sure they are straight and do not get trapped in between the new display and the frame. Otherwise they might break and your display will not work!

Step 12: Fix display

Tighten these six screws on the inside of the frame. If the display will not fit properly, remove the screws completely. Make sure the screen is flush on all sides and that there are no gaps between display and frame.

Step 13: Tighten screws

Attach these four screws in the corners.

Step 14: Insert mainboard

Reinstall the logic board. Make sure none of the connectors are trapped underneath. Then, reattach these three connectors and the two cables coming from the new display. Secure the logic board with one screw. If one of the cables seems too short, it is probably stuck between display and frame.

Warning: Do not pull the cable as it might rip. Rather, disassemble the device and make sure, the cables are fed straight through the slit in the casing.

Step 15: Fasten metal cover

Reattach the black metal cover and the vibration motor with the remaining screws. Again, make sure the small metal piece is still attached to the cover.

Step 16: Attach speaker

Reinstall the speaker and secure it with two screws. Reattach the small antenna cable (again, look out for the small blue chip!).

Step 17: Fasten metal cover

Carefully bend the large cable back and attach it to the logic board. Reattach the metal cover as well and secure it with two screws.

Step 18: Insert battery

Reinstall the battery. Attach the small metal piece and secure it with the connector and one screw.

Step 19: Attach backcover

Reattach the back cover to the iPhone and secure it with two screws. Reinstall SIM card and SIM tray.

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