iPhone 5c Screen Replacement

Screen Replacement guide


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15 – 20 Min.

  • Pentalobe screwdriver
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Metal spatula
  • Plastic spatula
  • Suction cup


Use the following picture guide to easily change the display on your iPhone 5c. You should make a backup of your iPhone before changing the display and then turn it off.

Step 1: Remove Pentalobe screws

Turn off your iPhone before you start the repair!

First, remove the two pentalobe screws on the bottom of the iPhone.

Step 2: Lift up screen

Slowly lift up the screen, together with the inner metal frame it is attached to inside the device. Be careful not to insert the metal plectrum too far into the device in the area around the home button.

Now you make good use of the suction cup or the thin metal spatula in order to lift the screen out of the frame. Which of the two you will use depends largely on the state of your screen. If it’s still mostly uncracked, the suction cup will work just fine.

Schritt 3: Detach cover

Carefully bend open the screen a little bit, just until you can remove these four screws securing the metal cover.

Step 4: Detach connectors

Underneath the metal cover you will find three connectors. Disconnect them and you can simply remove your old screen.

Step 5: Attach screen connectors

First, remove the protective film from the back of the screen.
Now attach the three connectors to their respective slots on the logic board.

Step 6: Attach metal cover

Make sure that all three cables are securely connected.From this point on, do not bend the screen back further than absolutely necessary in order not to disconnect them again. Reattach the metal cover with its four screws.

Step 7: Insert new screen

Press the new screen into the frame. Start with the top, near the FaceTime camera and work your way down towards the bottom. Keep checking if the screen is flush on all sides and that there are no gaps.

Step 8: Fix new screen

Secure the new screen with two pentalobe screws.

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