iPhone 5s/SE Screen Replacement

Screen Replacement Guide


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Use the following picture guide to easily change the display on your iPhone 5 and iPhone SE. You should make a backup of your iPhone before changing the display and then turn it off.

Step 1: Remove Pentalobe screws

Turn off your iPhone before you start the repair!

First, remove the two pentalobe screws on the bottom of the iPhone.

Step 2: Lift up screen

Now you make good use of the suction cup or the thin metal spatula in order to lift the screen out of the frame.

Which of the two you will use depends largely on the state of your screen. If it’s still mostly uncracked, the suction cup will work just fine.

Step 3: Detach screen from frame

Drive the plectrum between frame and screen. Be careful not to insert it too far into the device in the area around the home button. Slowly lift up the whole screen assembly.

Warning: Open it very slowly at first and be careful not to rip the cable connecting the home button.

Step 4: Remove home button clamp

The first thing you see when opening the device is the connection between the home button and the logic board. Remove the little metal clamp securing the connector to the logic board. Use the tip of the plastic spatula to carefully pry it off.

Step 5: Detach home button connector

Now you can disconnect the cable itself. Carefully bend open the screen a little further.

Step 6: Detach cover

Open the screen just enough so you are able to reach these four philips head screws securing the metal cover.

Step 7: Detach connectors

Hidden underneath are three connectors, which link the screen to the logic board. Remove them carefully using the plastic spatula.

Step 8: Transfer home button

Therefore, you have to transfer your home button into the new screen. To do this, you need to loosen this screw first.

Due to the special bond between Touch ID and the Apple A7 CPU inside the iPhone 5s you will have to continue using your old home button. Any replacement button would remove all fingerprint functionality from the phone.

Step 9: Remove home button cover

Bend the cable out of your way a little, remove these two screws and the metal cover they secure.

Step 10: Detach Touch ID connector

Delicately scrape off the cable starting from the top right corner using the plastic spatula. It is pretty tough, but be very careful nonetheless!

If it is damaged, Touch ID will not work on this phone.

Step 11: Pay attention to connector-eyelet

Take care not to damage this little loop, as it is responsible for holding the home button cable in place.

Step 12: Remove home button

Gently press against the home button from the front of the screen until it starts to come off the rear. Now you can remove the whole package — button, cables and all.

Step 13: Insert home button in new screen

Grab your replacement screen and put the home button in the same place from where you removed it earlier. Match up the loops with the little nubs on the rear side of the screen. When everything fits nicely, gently press down on the rubber part around the actual button with the plastic spatula.

Step 14: Attach home button cover

Put the metal cover back and secure it with two screws.

Step 15: Attach home button cable

Gently press the cable back in place so it sticks to the back of the screen. Fold it back down and secure it with the remaining screw.

Step 16: Attach connector

Grab your new screen, remove the protective film from the rear and attach these three connectors to the logic board.

Step 17: Attach metal cover

Biege Watch out for loose connections. Don’t bend the screen too far back and reattach the metal cover with our screws. Gently apply a bit of pressure to the cover while doing so in order to keep the connectors securely fixed to the logic board.

Step 18: Attach home button connector

Put the connector for the home button back in its place on the logic board and secure it with the little metal clamp. This shows which way around the clamp goes onto the connector.

From now on, make sure not to open the screen further than this. Otherise you might damage the home button cable.

Step 19: Insert new screen

Press the screen into the frame of the device. Start with the top near the FaceTime-Camera and work your way down towards the home button. Keep checking if everything is flush and that there are no gaps.

Step 20: Fix new screen

Last but not least put the two pentalobe screws back in their places next to the dock connector on the bottom of the device.

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