iPhone 8/8 Plus Battery Replacement

Battery Replacement Guide


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20 – 40 Min.

  • Pentalobe screwdriver
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Metal spatula
  • Special screwdriver Tri-Point Y000
  • Plastic spatula
  • Suction cup


Use the following picture guide to easily change the battery on your iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus. You should make a backup of your iPhone before changing the battery and then turn it off.

Please note: After replacing your screen your iPhone will no longer be waterproof and you will lose your warranty.

Step 1: Remove pentalobe screws

iPhone 8 (Plus) Akkutausch Anleitung 1

Turn off your iPhone before you start the repair!

Remove the two pentalobe screws on the bottom of the iPhone.

Step 2: Remove display

iPhone 8 (Plus) Akkutausch Anleitung 2

Carefully lift the screen out of the frame using the suction cup and the thin metal spatula.

Step 3: Remove Display from frame

iPhone 8 Akkutausch Anleitung 3

Carefully slide the metal spudger along the other side to break up the adhesive holding the display in place. Be careful along the top edge of the phone and only loosen the adhesive, as you risk damaging the plastic clips holding the screen in place.

Step 4: Release Metal Cover

iPhone 8 (Plus) Akku wechseln Anleitung 4

Open the screen like you would a book so you are able to reach these these screws securing the metal cover. Note exactly which screw goes where!

Step 5: Remove Connector

iPhone 8 (Plus) Akku wechseln Anleitung 2

Remove the battery connector from the logic board using the plastic spatula.

Step 6: Release Battery

iPhone 8 (Plus) Akku tauschen Anleitung 6

Very carefully pull the black ends of the adhesives stuck to both ends of the battery. Pull them steadily, one by one, with a maximum angle of about 60° and maintain tension until they slips out from under the battery. The strips will lengthen considerably, simply grab them near the battery and continue pulling.

In case they rip or you are unable to get them out completely turn over your phone and use a regular hair dryer to heat the back of the device. This will make it much easier to remove the residual adhesive.

Be very careful not to overheat your battery! Make sure you are just able to touch the back of your phone comfortably so as not to damage the battery!

Use a bit of dental yarn and pull it evenly along the width of the battery in a sawing motion. This should remove all residual adhesive and allow you to easily remove the battery. Be careful not to damage the cables or the wireless charging mechanism directly underneath the battery!

Step 7a: Installation of Battery

iPhone 8 (Plus) Akku tauschen Anleitung 1

Remove all remaining adhesive from the frame. Place two strips of double-sided adhesive tape in the frame to hold the new battery in place and install it into the device.

Step 7b: Installation of Battery

iPhone 8 (Plus) Akku tauschen Anleitung 2

Attach the connector to the logic board.

Step 8: Attach backcover

iPhone 8 (Plus) Akku tauschen Anleitung 2

Reattach the metal cover with these screws.

Step 9: Secure Display

iPhone 8 (Plus) Akkutausch Anleitung 1

Press the screen into the frame of the device and secure everything with the two pentalobe screws.

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